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--- This store is no longer open for business. ---
Big-N-Cheap  (516) 377-0678
2485 Grand Avenue,   Baldwin,   NY   11510

10:00 AM - 6:00 PM9:00 AM - 9:00 PM9:00 AM - 9:00 PM9:00 AM - 9:00 PM9:00 AM - 9:00 PM9:00 AM - 9:00 PM9:00 AM - 9:00 PM

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Nearest Rail Stop:
Baldwin Station - Long Island Rail Road

Cash, MasterCard, VISA, American Express

Home & Garden: Housewares
Supermarket: Grocery Stores

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7/24/2010 1:39:01 PM
9/8/2010 3:35:46 PM
I love this store, it has everything you could need. The service is very good and it is very good that they have such a large food department.
12/4/2010 9:35:23 AM
we went to your store today to purchase a king size comforter which was listed in the circular. We checked with your staff and they pointed out which comforters were on sale. There were 3 of the same on the end aisle-priced $27.99. However your cashier & assistant mngr did not honor your price. Will not return and will tell anybody that will listen to this story
3/23/2011 10:07:16 AM
I visited Big-N-Cheap in Baldwin over this past weekend wow I was impressed with the floor plan. Shelving fully stocked the store very neat and clean. There were plenty of employees thoughout the store busy stocking merchandise. It's worth a visit I plan & returning again real soon.
7/21/2011 8:15:05 PM
It's not a bad store for many items. But it bothers me too much to return seeing those poor beta fish closed in those decorative tiny bowls with LIDS on them.! It's bad enough they have no space or clean water, but they have a lid on now with one pin hole in it. The manager assured me they are fine and have plenty of air from the pin hole. I wish I could lock him in a tiny bowl with a pin hole in it to see how he does! It's a cruel and inhumane practice...the poor fish are hanging at the top gasping for air while everyone who could help just passes by...."A country is judged by the way it treats it's animals"...Albert Schweitzer
8/23/2011 7:06:24 AM
Great store! A place for one stop shopping as they have added a produce/grocery section to the store with great prices. When Walmart is not accessible they are a great store to fall back on.
9/10/2011 6:44:08 AM
i love this store it has everything you need. since they added their new fresh n cheap produce section, it's a one stop shop! i don't need to go to the other overpriced stores in baldwin now because bigncheap has all that i need!
5/1/2012 11:55:32 AM
I have visited this store many times. It really is just a "fake" National Liquidators, which if fine with me. They have many good deals, housewares, produce, etc. It's worth a look. Most of the cashiers are nice but the men there are not very helpful.
6/27/2012 7:32:36 PM
I went inside and I was surprised to see that it was pretty decent looking It was nice,organized,and clean.I found the produce to be very fresh to my surprise.Really ,really poor customer service. The so called asst manager flat out told me I dont know,i dont know go ask at the register unbelievable, this skinny indian man was so rude and fresh. Never going back.
7/24/2012 8:09:25 PM
This store has everything I need and the customer service has gotten much, much better. I've been going to this store since it opened and they've seemed to hire much better people nowadays. The store has an amazing food selection for a cheap price, the service is great, and the cashiers are very polite. I'm so happy they opened so I don't have to go to a lot of different stores for what I need. I am very satisfied with this store.
8/9/2012 4:38:41 PM
This store is full of rude cashiers and the so called assistant manager is very rude. i will tell everyone I know what a horrible shopping experience I had.
8/6/2013 5:56:30 AM
I never write a bad review anywhere, for anything, but I need to now. I asked an employee where the earbuds are located and he directed me to the right place, but who was going to unlock the display case. After asking for assistance, no one came. I waited, no one came. Well, Ryan's was eager to take my money, plus the cashier there was very helpful!
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